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Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.

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Verizon FiOS customer posts video that proves they throttle Netflix


imageIt’s been an ongoing debate for months, with each side pointing the finger at the other side. The issue? Verizon customers watching Netflix with slow playback speeds. The crux of the issue is that when streaming Netflix using Verizon, the speeds seem to be slower than normal causing buffering and a poor viewing experience.

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I have a book out today. It is called BLIGHTBORN.

I am now going to give you ten reasons to consider checking it out.

1: Let’s get the mercenary reason outta the way: the e-book costs less than a latte. And you can buy hardcover, paperback, audio on day one.

2: Because the book is the biggest book I’ve ever written. ~125,000 words. And I packed every damn page of it. No mushy middle syndrome, here. This is EMPIRE STRIKES BACK territory.

3: Because it contains: evil corn, robots, pirates, good hobos, bad hobos, talking birds, teenagers drinking whiskey, a girl named Squirrel.

4: Because it address issues like class warfare, wealth disparity, genetic engineering, and homophobia. And also: love rhombuses.

5: Because it contains a Pegasus. Actually, several of them. One of them is a robot.

6: Because if you like my blog, ‪#‎terribleminds‬, this is how I pay for it. (Blog hosting costs are way, way up.)

7: Because if you like my monkey-demon toddler stories, this is how I pay to feed the monkey-demon. (The cost to rent the goat paddock to feed the toddler is also way, way up.)

8: Because I’ll stare at you until you do. *stares* *stares harder* *stares so hard you begin to vibrate*

9: Because if you want to see if I can walk the walk with all my writing advice talk, here’s your shot. AM I THE REAL DEAL OR AM I JUST FULL OF POOP AND NOISE. OR BOTH. AHHHHH.

10: Because I’m not always proud of the books I write but this one, I am. I loved writing it, so I hope you love reading it.


When the alligator speaks, we listen.
And don’t forget— if you pre-order SERVANTS OF THE STORM as e-book or hardcover from any venue before launch day on August 5, just email your address to whimsydark (at) gmail (dot) com, and the author will send you a signed bookplate and temporary tattoos.


When the alligator speaks, we listen.

And don’t forget— if you pre-order SERVANTS OF THE STORM as e-book or hardcover from any venue before launch day on August 5, just email your address to whimsydark (at) gmail (dot) com, and the author will send you a signed bookplate and temporary tattoos.

A Survival Kit For Your Very Own 3-Year-Old Monkey-Demon

Blightborn (July 29, 2014) - Chuck Wendig


Tea Recommendation: Irish breakfast.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned earlier, but I am sick to death of dystopian fiction. I read a surfeit of it as a teenager, and sometimes it seems like there’s very little besides paranormal romance and dystopias available in the YA section. So I’d pretty much sworn not to read any more. And yet. I read this despite the blurb describing it as a “chilling post-apocalyptic adventure” and I loved it.

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'Gallery of Horrors Bundle' StoryBundle


‘Gallery of Horrors Bundle’ StoryBundle

Gallery of Horrors Bundle

Ripping a still-beating heart from the chest cavity that shelters it, as the blood washes all over you in a warm, red fountain.  It runs in rivulets, like miniature water falls, down your face; some even winds its way toward your open mouth.

The penny-copper tastes coats your tongue before making its way down your throat.  At first you double over, gaging for a moment before feelings of…

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The name of this movie is Top Secret

Dude, top secret is such a good movie.

this movie has an entire bar fight sequence that takes place underwater

for no reason at all

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I added some original art from chrisvisions to the OOSA store. Look for Dead Letters pages to be added soon.


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Nope, they don’t. And they may have experiences not indicative of yours. So what? What do you think everyone who isn’t like you has been experiencing all this time? That same feeling. And yet they still read Batman or watch the same television shows.

Confession time: I’m a jerky white dude. I’m clumsy in my assumptions and preconceived notions and — hey, I acknowledge my privilege. The privilege of privilege is being blinded by it and blind to it. You can walk around all day, whistling like a happy asshole, completely unaware of all the toxic douchebaggery splashing all around. We step on flowers we don’t even notice.

Sometimes, though, you have your eyes opened to it, and it’s a real holy-shit-we’re-in-some-kind-of-sexist-racist-Matrix moment. Rape culture doesn’t seem like a thing until someone starts pointing it out and then it’s a really awful Magic Eye painting, except instead of seeing a dolphin you’re seeing how we ask rape victims what they did to deserve getting raped. Once someone tells you, “That Terrible Thing is really an actual thing,” it’s ants, it’s dust, it’s fingerprints-on-glass. Didn’t notice it before, but now you realize it’s freaking everywhere.

And one of those “it’s freaking everywhere” moments is when you realize, oh, yeah, okay, our pop culture has been speaking very directly to heteronormative middle-class white-guy culture for a long time. Comics, television, novels, whatever. It’s time to share the storytelling. Time to pass the Talking Stick. Besides, maybe if we saw more diversity on the page, we might be willing to acknowledge the diversity outside our doors. I often say that the most valuable multitasking we can teach our kids and express in ourselves is to dual-wield Empathy and Logic, and if this helps in that, so be it. If this makes people more open? More aware? How is that possibly a bad thing?