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The Days When You Don't Feel Like Writing

Reminding myself of this one today…


Writers think, dream, scream, flail, procrastinate, market, edit, email, caffeinate, plot, scheme, but above all else?

Writers write.

Translation: if today is your first day at Write Club? YOU HAVE TO WRITE.

(Also true if it’s your third, seventh, or eight-hundredth day.)

6. Embrace The Authority To Be Fucking Awesome

"It’s your rodeo, hoss. You have the authority to write with confidence, to puff your chest out, to slap your ink-smeared genitals on the table as you utter your barbaric yawp. Aim big. Go bold. Don’t hide from your own most kick-ass desires. Don’t unfurl the story with hands trembling from the fear of what others will think. You have the power to do different. Yours is the authority to choose the road with your name on it. Write the story the tangle of desires and neuroses that comprise you so desire: A love affair between a man and a parking meter! A civil war between robots and other robots! A SPACE OPERA STARRING ROOT VEGETABLES. Fortune favors the bold. And being fucking awesome favors being fucking awesome."


From “25 Motivational Thoughts For Writers.”


"25 Things You Should Know About NaNoWriMo"

Accept no substitutes.

Also, accept no other assholes reposting this as their content, because it’s totally happening. Jerks.

from terribleminds.com


25 Reasons You Won’t Finish That Story

Good for you NaNoWriMo-heads, maybe. Or for anybody trying to finish a big-ass creative project.